Standby Generators


Standby generators are used as a back-up electrical system for when utility outages occur. Within mere seconds of an outage, the generator system automatically turns on and begins supplying power to the circuits in your entire home.


Looking for a home generator?


Customers can find a selection of KOHLER generators at Allan Hawkins Electrical, allowing those the opportunity to purchase a trusted generator close to home.


kohlerKOHLER generators were designed to literally lighten up your darkest day.  Within 10 seconds, one of the generators can automatically power major appliances, including your fridge, stove and AC. There are a number of different available generators, each at their own unique price-point.


Upon installation, a member of our team will visit you at home and help you choose the perfect size generator, the right fuel source and where the generator and transfer switch should be placed. Following, our electrician will install a transfer switch, and then move your generator into place. The electrician will then connect the transfer switch to your generator through electric lines, and once it’s hooked up, our pipefitter will connect the fuel source to the generator.


Most installations take a day or two, leaving you thereafter with a generator ready to protect your living quarters.


For more questions, please call us at (519) 740-0781, or email us.